A novel from TCU Press

available October 25, 2014

named the INDIEFAB 2014 best multicultural novel published by a small press

Rosa Rojas, a Venezuelan folk healer and trained nurse, is startled at the return of Thomas Seal after 18 years. She agrees to go with him on a trip similar to one they had taken as children down a river that flows through a dangerous jungle. Throughout, the story shifts between Rosa's voice and Tom's, divulging traumas they have suffered: the deaths of Rosa's family members, the horrors Tom experienced in Vietnam. They take minimal provisions, hire a driver, go to a river jungle in the interior of Venezuela, and push off in a canoe as night comes on. At first the trip  seems to allow them to return to the innocence of their childhood.
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Jerry Craven's website

"Jerry Craven’s Women of Thunder reminds us of Gabriel García-Márquez’s fiction because the literal world and the spiritual realm clash or converse on every page. No other North American novelist has created a better clashing conversation to ponder than this prize-winning Texas author."
                       --Roberto Bonazzi

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