When they were children, the protagonists of Women of Thunder, Rosa and Tom, become stranded in the interior of Venezuela in 1952 and had to canoe down a dangerous river. The tale of Rosita and Don (the names they went by when very young) appears in the novel The Wild Part. At the end of that tale, the two friends agreed to travel the river again as adults.
     While Women of Thunder is technically a sequel, it is not at all necessary to read The Wild Part first.

     In 1952, in a botched attempt to hitch a ride to a nearby village, Rosita and Don become lost in a Venezuelan river jungle. The children steal a canoe from a gang of bandits only to float deeper into a world inhabited by vampire bats, Jesus frogs, anacondas, and killer crocodilians. While they find much in the jungle to fill them with wonder and delight, Rosita and Don fast realize that some of the outrageously funny adults along the river might harm or even kill them.
     The Wild Part shows readers a world of comedy, beauty, and danger through young, unjaded eyes and reminds us all of times when rules were merely guidelines, when the chaos of the present hour offered limitless possibilities, both dangerous and beautiful.

ForeWord Magazine named The Wild Part a finalist for best novel of 2013 published by an independent press.